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Parsing code taken from mysql table

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Hello.  My first post... I tried searching for my answer first, and maybe I just don't know how to search very well but I'm looking for the function (if it is in fact a single function) that will allow me to parse PHP code after I've grabbed it from a mysql table.  I'm looking to store some PHP code inside a table and be able to query it out of the table and parse it whenever I want.  Not sure if I worded that correctly, as I'm pretty new to PHP in general.  I've seen it done before and at the time, I know that some extra code was required in order to do this, otherwise the code just would not get parsed...  Anyone know what I'm talking about?

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[quote author=Jenk link=topic=107363.msg430707#msg430707 date=1157733847]

Yes, darnit, thats it.  I love you.  Thanks.

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