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sticky dropdown not holding values

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Please forgive me if this is a duplicate request, i am new to php so this maybe a novice question. On the iis server I am using the 'sticky'  dropdown menus will not hold the values when paging back; on apache servers the code does not break and the variables hold when paging.  If I use a limited amount of options within the select tag the values hold on the return and of course I need to use more than just 4 or 5 entries under 1 variable name. Below is the code block to process the form data into a session:

if (count($_POST) > 0){
case 'formB':
if (!isset($fv)) $fv = &$_SESSION['rgform']['nextPage'];
$_SESSION['rgform'][$_POST['formName']] = $_POST;
header("location: formC.php?page={$_POST['nextPage']}");
} else {
$fv = &$_SESSION['rgform']['formB']; }

This is the sticky dropdown <select> <option> code, there is about twenty lines of this statement, my thinking is there is a limiting factor dealing with the amount data the varialbe will  hold that I am not aware of:

  <option value="35"<?php if ($fv['width'] == "35") echo "selected";?>>35</option>

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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