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Using GET in Form on Mod Rewrite

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Hey guys
Heres a good question
I have a page which looks like this in real

I made it look nice with Mod ReWrite
So now

The All us a search fuction
They can choose to look at all profiles
Or just Disabled People
Or Just Parents

if I create the form
<form method='get' action=''>
<select name='l'>
<option value='Disabled_People'>Disabled People</option>
If I select Disabled People for example, then it will mess up, it will show like so


The page linking works ok, as its links

Anyone have any suggestions on how I can do this?

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You could throw a little javascript in your form:

This may not work for you out of the box, but I'm sure you could tweak it!  :)

<form method='get' id="search_form" action=''>
<input type="hidden" id="my_i" name="which" value="<?= $_REQUEST['p'] ?>" />
<!-- put a script tag here!!!  (script) -->
function search()
  i          = document.getElementById('my_i').value;
  sel        = document.getElementById('select_srch');
  form        = document.getElementById('search_form");
  form.action = "friends/" + sel.options[sel.selectedIndex].value + "/" + i;
<select name='l' id="select_srch" onChange="javascript: search();">
<option value='Disabled_People'>Disabled People</option>


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I just changed the method to post
as it put other crap in there
but it works a dream

Many many many thanx

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