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PHP MySQL Alter and Delete Script

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    I'm newbie programmer in php. I'm working with a Purchasing System using a php and MySQL. I have created a delete script in a said System but it could only delete 1 record...Please give some suggestions or ideas on How do I delete a record one by one and give some scripts in altering a record..tnx a lot.. :) 

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Your question is not at all clear to me.

You state that you have been able to delete a record. So you know how to do this. Just repeat it (with a different WHERE clause of course) for the other records you want to delete.

About altering: you can ALTER a database or ALTER a table, but what do you mean by ALTERing a row?

Ronald  8)

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Suppose you have listed several items from a table, and have a checkbox on each row to indicate which items are to be deleted
Item              Qty        Delete

Widget            25          (x)
Wotsit              1          ( )
Gizmo              10          (x)

                (Delete selected)[/pre]
Define each c/box with a name ending with "[]" and with a value = the id of the listed item
[code]echo "<input type='checkbox' name='delitem[]' value='$id'>";[/code]

When the form is submitted you want to create a query like

DELETE FROM item WHERE id IN (1,3)

which will delete the 2 items shown above.

$items = join (',' , $_POST['delitem']);
mysql_query ("DELETE FROM item WHERE id IN ($items)");

echo "Selected items deleted";

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