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PHP timer question please.


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Surely rotating ads on a timer is a bad idea.

If I go to a page with a banner at the top and I scroll down to read that page, it's going to make no sense if that banner changes to something else after five minutes, as I won't be able to see it.

I think you'd be better coding the server-side to deal with which banner's are shown when, and just have the front-end display them.  It means not having to use JavaScript and probably better control over what's seen where and when.

There's some examples of such [url=http://www.phpclub.net/?m=app&s=62]here[/url] that maybe able to give you a few ideas.

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OK, I get what you mean, I should have also said text. If I want the text to change, I have some odd things going on, on my pages so I will need it. What about it? Javascript the only good second, minute, and even hour timers? Thanks much for the thinking outside the box, anyway as you both do. ;) Its appreciated.
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