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also to add please also remeber to use md5 for the password within the code to prevent hacking.

there are also meny other functions to encode php passwords the best to days date is to use md5 and salt but i think md5 ok.

good luck.
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no md5 is one way encription you can not decript and also not show the password as the password the user put in the database.

if you need to show the password then i sugest you use mycript or you use base64_encript and base64_decript ok.

warning remember that base64 has been around for a long time and there are meny database websites with millions of cracked code that why we all use md5.
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The idea when using md5 is to encrypt the password before you insert it into the database.  When a user enters his username and password to log in, you encrypt the password again using md5, and then compare it with what's in the database.  You don't decrypt.

It means users cant have their old one sent to them if they forget it, but they can have it reset.

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a user will no there password what you need to do is add a colum in the database next to members and then send a link to the user to press the activate the account then the database gets example a yes in the new colum then the user can log in.

the only time you will ever need to do somethink with a md5 password is to update the database if the user has lost it.

good luck.
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