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how to retrieve runtime values from another process/page ?

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OK , it's a little bit tricky , however I can't get it done  ??? ...

There is a main page HTML/JS file that continuesly picks random numbers and print then on screen.

there are 2 or more 'viewers' that can hook to a certain URL and observe the main page and its changing random numbers at real time - each viewers see *exactly* the same view.

I know how to implement this using files (saving each random number into a temp file , each one of the viewers fetch this file content and prints it onscreen) , yet : this has few disadvantages :

1. slow (I/O).
2. the viewers are not really *exactly* tuned to the main page changing numbers - there is some kind of latency in this scenario.
3. the viewers don't see 100% of the main page information this way.

I think that AJAX might be handy here , yet I need a guiding hand here ,

I would start from the following question :

How can I get realtime dynamic values (which keeps changing each second) from a main page using other JS files (using some kind of socket or open connection I guess) ?


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