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Hey, I am new to php but I am wanting to copy each registration that goes through vBulletin (v3.6.0) into another database on the same server.
Also, I'm trying to make it a simple MD5 encryption since I'm completly confused by SALT.
I managed to get the username to copy over but the password is empty.
Can anyone assist me please?
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Would that not be illegal to post vB code?
Also, I'm not sure exactly what part(s) you'd need to see. This would probably best be answered by someone who works with and/or owns vB.

If it's not illegal I'll post my register.php file with what little mod I've done.
In short... Basically I just added:

[code]$password = $_POST['password'];
$username = $_POST['username'];
$myinsert = "INSERT INTO users VALUES('', '$username', '$password')";
mysql_query($myinsert) or die(mysql_error());

1) This code simply puts in into another table... (I need it in another DB on the same server.)
2) When the code is executed the username is saved but the password does not get written to the DB.
3) There are no errors displayed.
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[quote author=bob2006 link=topic=107741.msg433459#msg433459 date=1158158864]
$password = $_POST['password'];
$username = $_POST['username'];
$myinsert = ("INSERT INTO 'users' (username,password) VALUES
('', '$username', '$password')")
mysql_query($myinsert) or die(mysql_error());

1) That code does not work, give me a MySQL Syntax Error
2) In the error generated by vB it shows ('', 'test', '')... In other words its getting the username but not the password.
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