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mySQL problems not quite sure what!

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I have recently setup a Red Hat Linux 8 Server with Apache Server mySQL (latest version) and php 4 installed on it.


Im trying to setup a program called phpAvailability its a calendar program for logging availability of rental houses.


However although i can login to mySQL through the command console, i get an error everytime i edit the config.php and try to access through the browser saying theres no password given.


The config file requires 4 variables to be set


$dbhost = \"localhost\";

$dbuser = \"your_mysql_username\";

$dbpass = \"your_mysql_password\";

$dbbase = \"your_mysql_database_name\";


these are all set correctly yet i still get this error. :?


Is there anything i have missed?


Im very new to this and any and all help will be appreciated





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Now check ur \"my.ini\" file and in that u have





now check the password field . Now if u have the password as blank then u havent set any password.


U can also clear the password with specific commands.....

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