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READ ME - 'Welcome to Application Design'


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[size=10pt][b]Welcome to Application Design![/b] [/size] :)

If you have a question that in any way relates to the design of your application, this is the board to post!

[b]This is not a board where you can ask for help with specific code.[/b]
Use PHP Help for that.

[b]Don't ask people to layout an application design for you.[/b]
Get yourself aquinted with different possibilities, try to do your own, then you have something to ask help with.

[b]Mind the valid categories[/b]
Application design is a very broad concept, to regulate the content of this board, there is a list of 'valid' categories you must take into consideration. It is not allowed to adress one of these subjects from a programming context other than a [u]php[/u] application. This is a php forum after all. The list is not final, suggested additions and/or modifications are more than welcome, just send me a PM.

[*]General application structures
[*]Design Patterns
[*]General (php) programming concepts and issues
[*]Performance issues (incl. caching)
[*]Security issues
[*]OOP structures
[*]Database design
[*]Error and exception handling
[*](Custom) framework implementations
[*](Custom) template engines
[*]Good coding practices

Thank you.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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