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SubQuery seems to hang MySQL

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I am currently evaluating MySQL version 4.1.21. Until now I have only used versions without the support of SubQueries.

As my first test I was planning to re-make som existing queries into Sub-queries. So I started with the following query:
[code]SELECT p.*
s24_event e, s24_event_participant ep, s24_participant p
ep.event = $pEventId
AND e.id = ep.event
AND p.id = ep.participant

and I changed it into this:
FROM s24_participant
SELECT participant
FROM `s24_event_participant`
WHERE event = $pEventId

I should get the same result from these two queries, right?

The latter one seems to cayse MySQL to stop responding. WHen I ran it through a PHP-script I got the "Too many connections"-error message.

Does anyone have any ideas of what the problem could be?

// Jonas Eriksson

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Not really sure, though you really should leave it as a join.

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