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Data from 3 Dropdown Menus Into 1 Table Field?

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Ok, I'm making a member registration form and I have a field for their date of birth.  I have 3 different drop down menus for it:  one for the month they were born in, one for the day the were born on, and one for the year they were born in.  How do I make it so it will insert the data from all three dropdown menus into one table field? 

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You need to get the values into php like so:

  $day = $_GET['day']; // The bit inside the single quote is your HTML field name
  $month = $_GET['month']; // and the GET would be changed to POST depending on the method you're using
  $year = $_GET['year'];

  $date = $year . "-" . $month . "-" . $day; // . (dot) is the concatenation symbol

Then just use $date to insert into your date field in the database.


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