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maintenance/construction page before launch


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Hello, in this post I am not really asking how I can improve the design, I know it's really simple and does not look too great but if you feel like the design should be improved please let me know. My main focus is on the content, how can I improve the content in any way to make the user want to remember the website and come back to it in the future, all ideas and suggestion will be very much appreciated.




Thank you in advance.

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In my opinion I don't see very much that could be added to the content, The thing for me, being a guy that likes eye appealing pages :) would suggest improving the design of the page, however It's not very important unless you have a large number of people visiting the page. It looks like it's a new website, so I don't think many people would even be going to it.


So perhaps you would just leave that page as is and focus on working on the site itself to get that up and running asap :)


P.S. If you are looking for anyone to help build the site i may be interested. :D

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