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Time Function Question

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I want to show this kinda message "You last logged in '3 days 2 hours and 5 seconds ago".

I have a date and time saved in database, is there a function to calculate the difference between the times?The field in the db is "datetime" but does it have to be "timestamp"?


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PHP does not have a datediff function like ASP, but it is relatively easy.

Take date 1 and use the date fucntion to return you seconds.

$loggedIn = date("U", mktime(h,m,s,m,d,y));

and right now is

$now = date("U");

take $now - $loggedIn and you now have the SECONDS that have passed between the two dates.

I day is 86400 seconds, 1 hour is 3600 seconds, one minute 60 seconds.

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