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unique image effects like auto levels

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Hi all,
Here's a question with low priority. Can the GD2 library or other methods on the server apply advanced effects to images? One effect that I am interested in is "auto levels", like in Photoshop. Not to compare with Photoshop, but there are times when it would be nice to optimize the RGB spectrum of an image. Make the blacks blacker and whites whiter to a point where the script sees fit.

One application would be adjusting webcam images. The cheaper cameras always make crappy greyish looking images. A simple auto level effect would help on the fly in a php script.

I know there are some effect scripts out there for colorizing images. php.net has a sample posted on the page containing the image function. Any ideas on where to start? It's making my head spin, but I'm looking into the possibilities.

Thanks much.  ;D

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ooo. nice. Thank you. I will figure out some formulas and post if I run into further questions. This helped me a LOT!!

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