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How to manipulate array data in smarty


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Hi Friends,


I have some data from database Table which must be display as output . I assign the array in PHP page to smarty template....


The array structure I plan to assign to smarty is :

Array ( [publisher] => Array ( [0] => pen books [1] => pen books [2] => Jacks books [3] => May books [4] => Ram books ) [title] => Array ( [0] => For Earners [1] => Bol in glance2 [2] => Dummy For Earners [3] => Bol in glance2 [4] => New man ) [isbn] => Array ( [0] => 8709873689098 [1] => 5495736309876 [2] => 9789873689093 [3] => 9785495789760 [4] => 9781119087441 ) )


I need to get the display output in HTML as :


display output


publisher                                  title                              isbn

=====                                  ===                            =======

pen books                              For Earners                  8709873689098


jacks books                          Bol in glance2              5495736309876


May books                            Dummy For Earners      9789873689093


Ram books                            New man                      9781119087441


Please give a method to do the things in smarty. I need a solution using foreach or section  or both in smarty . Please Give a method to accomplish same in smarty ....


Thanks in Advance ...



Anes P.A (anes(dot)pa(at)gmail(dot)com) or(anespa(at)admod(dot)com)

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Hi Friend,

  Any way I take the solution in some other way. 

Friend I have a Doubt Regarding Queries, that means

I have a Table named : TEST in mysql.

it has some fields like  : mobi_deleted,pub_deleted,pdf_deleted ....


according to operation any one of field is updated ....

in my php i got a variable , $var  , it's  value may be mobi, pub or pdf....


Do I can Write a query like:


  UPDATE TEST SET {$var}_deleted = 0;


  is this Work properly.... Waoting for ur valuable Reply...


Bye Anes

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