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gd images display on php page? simple??

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ok, i have what i think is a simple question, excuse my primative php knowledge, lease let me know if i have stated things that don't seem to make sense so i can learn!

how do i display my images i made with gd library page in a normal php page?

i can display them as a php page themselves, but how do i include the php image (its a page that makes an image..) into one of my normal php pages.. do i use includes?

I am doing this so that people cannot see my uploaded images, instead they see my gd library generated image that is the normal image with a watermark over the top..

also what can i do to stop people from viewing my uploaded image directly (hence the image without a watermark)?


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you just need to use the standard <img src="image.php"> tag on your "plain" php page. as far as I know, you can't "include" actual jpeg data on an HTML page -- although you can attach it to an HTML email.

How do you keep them from seeing your original? keep it in a weird directory someplace else and have the PHP open it from there. Really paranoid? put it in a directory outside your site's root directory and revise your open_basedir to include it...

for example... your site is on the server at /var/www/example.com/httpdocs -- you could put your images in the /var/www/example.com/secretimagesfolder. Nobody should be able to get to it with a standard web browser, but you would likely get open_basedir errors if you didn't update that setting.

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