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I am trying to pass a ID value through a form.
I'm getting the id value into a function, the function holds the form.
I then want the form to read the id value then $_POST it into a variable,
which is then stored into a database.

I've done this sooo many times before but its not working.

Could someone take a quick look.
I know the answer is right under my nose.


function add_comments($view_id) {
$user_profile = $_SESSION['username'];
$id = $view_id;

$comError = array();

if (!empty($_POST['comssubmit'])) {
if ($_POST['title']=='')
$comError['title'] = 'Add title';
if ($_POST['coms']=='')
$comError['coms'] = 'Add Comments';

if (count($comError) == 0) {

$sql= mysql_query("SELECT * FROM user_info WHERE username='$user_profile'") or die ('could not connect');
$row1 = mysql_fetch_array($sql);
$id = $row1['id'];

$title = addslashes($_POST['title']);
$coms = addslashes($_POST['coms']);
$date = date("Y-m-d");
$contact_id = $_POST['id'];

$link = '<a href="../edit.php" class="link">Return to profile</a>';

$sql1= mysql_query("INSERT INTO comments (user_id, contact_id, title, coms, date) VALUES ('$id', '$contact_id', '$title', '$coms', '$date')");
if ($sql1) {
$ok = 'Your details have been updated,<br>'.$link.'';
} else {
$notOk = "Sorry, there was an Error";

} else {
if (empty($title) || empty($coms)) {
foreach ($comError as $error) {
$strError .= '<div class="error">';
$strError .= "<li>$error</li>";
$strError .= '</div>';


$coms_query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM comments WHERE user_id='$id'") or die ('could not connect1');
$row = mysql_fetch_array($coms_query);

echo '<BR>
<form name="form2" method="post" action="'.$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'].'">
<input type="hidden" name="id value="'.$row['id'].'">
<TABLE width="667" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
<TD height="20" bgcolor="#0000FF" valign="bottom" colspan="2">
<img src="JPGS/profile/comments.jpg" width="668" height="21">
<TD class="TLRB_border" bgcolor="#EEEEEE" valign="top">
<input type="text" name="title" id="title" value="'.$row['title'].'">
<TD class="TLRB_border" bgcolor="#EEEEEE" valign="top" align="right">
<TD class="TLRB_border" height="200" bgcolor="#EEEEEE" valign="top" colspan="2">
<textarea name="coms" cols="80" rows="12" wrap="PHYSICAL" id="coms" value="'.$row['coms'].'">'.$row['coms'].'</textarea>
<TD  colspan="2" align="right">
<input type="submit" name="comssubmit" value="Submit">
echo $strError;
echo $ok;
echo $notOk;
echo '</form>';

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[quote]but its not working[/quote]

It may help to know how it's "not working".  Is there a specific error message etc...if so, please post it.



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NO, No error.

It uploads all of the fields into the database apart from into 'contact_id'.

This feild should get the id value which come into the function.

But i can seem to get it from there, into the INSERT query.

Any ideas

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