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how to make double blind system using php

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[b]Double blind system in mail id:[/b]

Hi everyone,

Iam mahendran and i working as a php programmer for the last 8months. I have a doubt to create mail ids in server dynamically using PHP.

I wants to write a program for generating alias email ids in server dynamically when user register into the site by giving his original id such as(yahoo,gmail,etc..). The created alias ids are given to other users whose see that user profile. The users can use this ailas id for send mails. if they send the mail they can goes to the original id of alias id of that user ....
this is my task.

user given originalid---makes--------> alias id---------------stored in server.

sending Mail from user----to------->alias id-----------search for---------->original id-----sendsto----------->user inbox

Anyone have idea how to implement this by scripting. It is very useful for me.
Thanks to all

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why not just use a form to send the messages.... user submits the form, the script finds the recip then sends the message through the mailer directly to the user and nobody sees anyones email address?

if you dont want to do that then create a table that has an index col a user id col and the email hash....  when a message is sent to the hash you look it up in the table and see which user id the hash is assigned to and through a sql join you replace the hash with the users real email address.

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Hi markbett,

Thanks for your reply. I get some more ideas from you. But i really what i need is when a end user sends mail to duplicate id or alias id from  his address(such as yahoo, gmail address) then the mail will go to server which contains duplicate id and found the original id corresponding to its duplicate id and forward the mail to original id. so the other end use can receive mail in his inbox. Here what actually happens users are not necessary to send mail by enter into site instead they can send mail from his inbox once he get duplicate id from the site.
I hope u will understand something.. If u not i will explain more

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