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saving to Mysql database

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ok i have a game where when people go to make a gang it should update in to places, but when i try to get the gang name to update in the players tab it doesnt work..This is what i have?

if ($step == make) {
if ($stat[taxdebt] > 0) {
print "<br><font color=red>You cannot make a Gang without <b>paying</b> your taxes. Sorry!</font><br>Right now you owe <b>$stat[taxdebt]</b>!";
if ($stat[credits] < 10000) {
print "You don't have enough credits to make a gang.";
if ($stat[triad]) {
print "You're already in a gang. Try quitting the one your in first.";
print "<form method=post action=zones.php?step=make&action=go>";
print "I want my gang to be called <input type=text name=tname>. <input type=submit value=Make>";
print "</form>";
if ($action == go) {
$numt = mysql_num_rows(mysql_query("select * from triads where name='$tname'"));
if ($numt > 0) {
print "There is already a gang by that name.";
print "You have made the gang called <a href=zones.php?step=my>[$tname]</a>.";
mysql_query("insert into triads (name,owner) values('$tname',$stat[id])");
$myt = mysql_fetch_array(mysql_query("select * from triads where name='$tname'"));
$geting = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM players WHERE where id='$stat[id]");
$getto = mysql_result($getting);
mysql_query("update players set triad=$myt[id] where id=$stat[id]");
mysql_query("update players set zone1=$myt[name] where id=$getting[id]");
mysql_query("update players set credits=credits-10000 where id=$stat[id]");

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Just off the top of my head I want to ask what exactly you mean by "it doesn't work".  Do you mean the table isn't being updated?

Couple debugging tips:
1.) Print your queiries out so you can see what is being sent to your DB
2.) Make sure all the mysql_query calls that do updates return TRUE. If not, make use of the mysql_error function.

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