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Why can't I include a full url? (noob problem...)


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It's just a simple question...



include ('beginning.txt');



Why can't I include the whole url, eg. ... include ('http://www.mywebsite.com/random/beginning.txt') ... ? It just shows a blank page if I type in the whole url name. I would like to include the file beginning.txt into several pages that are under the folder random. And another question... does it matter if I use ' or ". Some php guides say I should use include ('beginning.txt') some say I should use include ("beginning.txt").

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The single/double quote thing is irrelevant for what you require. Either will work just as well as the other. If you're just looking for the contents of a file, file_get_contents like n4iko mentioned will work fine.


If you absolutely NEED the full path, there is an allow_url_include in your php.ini file that you can turn ON.

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