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Php Problems with Dreamweaver on Mac

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Hello All,


Merry Christmas first of All.


I have just started using a mac for the first time and using dreamweaver mx for the first time to edit my php websites. The problem I am having is not being able to view the page I am working on in the 'design' mode, I can only see a small amout of the page, I can't see any of the script language or any pictures; I can see all the the correct code in the 'code' mode.


Any help as to how I can view the page in 'design' mode as it will appear in a browser?


Thank You


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You can't see the result of the php code in the design window, only any pure html code you have used outside of the php.


You can set up a Testing Server in the Manage Files option, and then use your usual Preview in Browser hotkey (default is F12), though this writes the file to the server, so make sure you're not overwriting an existing working php file with something that may not be tested yet !!


Just make sure the URL Prefix under the server details is set correctly (eg http://www.yoursite.com/ and not http://www.yoursite.com/public_html/ which mine defaulted to).

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