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Page cannot be displayed during html form/option creation

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Ive been writing a php project that generates option commands for a select field on a html form.
It all works fine until the number of option lines generated gets larger.
Under IE I get a "Page cannot be displayed error", under firefox I get a partially completed form, some of the optoins are missing from the select fields too, also the submit buttons are missing.

On Firefox Ive checked the recieved page using the view source option, it comfirms that not all the page has been received from the server.

Here is the setup..
Windows XP - SP2, Apache 2.2 and PHP5 Modules installed, also over a wireless network.

I, seem to think the problem is related to output buffering from either the server side, or php module, I've tried setting higher buffering limits in both apache and php conf/ini files and restarting the service but still the problem persists.

I'm assuming that I get a page cannot be displayed from IE due its error handling method, for example, if it doesnt recieve the amount of data sent to it in the header when it sends a GET command then it goes all wobbly, Firefox on the other hand doesnt care and displays what it has recieved so far in the html display.

I've tried having a look around the apache and php sites, but I was unable to find any solution or report of something simular, maybe I missed it. Can anyone help me to solve this problem please?

Another way round would be to spilt up the different option select parts onto diffrent pages, but this would not be possible on the page I'm doing.

I've also enabled error reporting on php and this shows nothing wrong, same goes for the apache error log, nothing. As far as it concerned the file was sent ok.

More info...
When the page does display when the size is around 9-12k, the error occurs when the page is more but Ive not exceeded 26k yet. Also repeatedly clicking refresh page _Sometimes_ brings the pages up correctly in IE & Firefox. Weird huh?

This occurs only when I'm working over my network, accssing the page locally on the server bring up no problems whatsoever.

'ELP ME !! :D

The problem was solved by connecting the server to a wired network, seems that wireless networks can cause problems

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