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[SOLVED] User system + progress feature

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I'm working on a website project where a user must find the password for each level by going on a hint given each level. Right now I only have the password gate worked out but I want it so users can register for a username. When they complete a level, I want their progress to be recorded with their username.  SO the next time they log in they can start off at the dame level instead of having to start at the first level. If you don't understand what I'm saying, look at [url=http://www.flooble.com/scav/]http://www.flooble.com/scav/[/url]. My server has MySQL and PHP capabilities. To see what my project looks like right now, go to [url=http://scavhunt.wintallo.com/scavenger/]http://scavhunt.wintallo.com/scavenger/[/url]. Thanks!

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