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insert data from mysql database


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I am trying to display data from mysql. Each row from the mysql database shows up under rows.


I want the rows of data from mysql  to appear in colums of 4.


can some one help please.



$sql = 'SELECT * FROM dbtable ORDER BY id';

$result = $db->query($sql);

$output[] = '<ul>';

while ($row = $result->fetch()) {

$output[] = '<table>';

$output[] = '<tr>';

$output[] = '<td class="style10"><strong>'.$row['item'].'</strong></td>';

$output[] = '</tr>';

$output[] = '<tr>';

$output[] = '<td><img src="images/'.$row['pic'].'" width="100" height="150" /></td>';

$output[] = '</tr>';

$output[] = '<tr>';

$output[] = '<td>'.$row['description'].'</td>';

$output[] = '</tr>';

$output[] = '</table>';


echo join('',$output);


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