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Calling a .php file

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Hi all,

I’m working on my first PHP project – fill a form, email details to me, trigger a force download. All the main components work, just need to fit them together

I have a normal HTML page with a number of fields. Submit calls a .php page which checks the fields for user input, if >0  a email is dispatched to me. I have another .php page which starts a force download. Thing is how do I call this page from the end of the first script page?

It has to be after the Email check script, which means it’s in the body so I can’t use headders or page divert. A manual hyperlink (as a way of testing) works just fine, but how to I call a automatically call a URL? fopen() appears to open and READ the file, calling the page via echo”URL” also fails.

It can’t be that difficult can it?
Hope you can help

Many thanks

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Typically people use meta redirect for this..

[code]<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0; http://site.com/path/file.php">[/code]

That means "Act as if you got a header called Refresh with this value".  The browser should redirect after 0 seconds (immediately).  Display a link anyway in case it doesn't work.

There's a number of javascript methods to redirect as well.

Alternatively, you can do the email check before displaying any output.  Then you can use a header redirect as usual.  That sounds like it ought to work given your setup.

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