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Random code != already got *solved*

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Anyone point me in the right direction to create a random 6 char (letters and numbers) code thats not already in a database? Its a discount code, which needs to be 6-8 chars; letters and numbers to insert into a database which is not already being used.

Many thanks

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First you need a function to generate a random code. As an example, this generates random strings $size characters long
function genDiscountCode($size) {
    $a = array_merge(range('A', 'N'), range('1','9'), range('P', 'Z'), range('1','9'));
    $code = '';
    $b = array_rand($a,$size);
    foreach($b as $k) $code .= $a[$k];
    return $code;

Then you need keep generating codes until you get one that hasn't been used
    do {
        $code = genDiscountCode(6) ;
        $res = mysql_query("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM mytable WHERE disc_code = '$code'") or die(mysql_error());
    } while (mysql_result($res,0) > 0);
    // use generated code
    echo $code;

To speed things up, add an index on disc_code column in your table

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