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Collect form information and send as an attachment

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#1 maweber98

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Posted 19 September 2006 - 01:11 PM

I have a form that application form that collects information from the user then is processed by a form processor and inputs the information into a mysql database. After that is complete it then sends an email with the users information to me. I need to have this information emailed to me as an attachment. Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this? Do I have to write this information to a file on the server then attach that file? Or is there a way I could just duplicate this same information that is in the email but also have it as an attachement as well. Thanks so much!

$to = "mark@somedomain.com";
$message = "ID: $HRS_ApplicantID
Prefix: $HRS_Applicant_namepfx
First Name: $HRS_Applicant_firstname
Middle Name: $HRS_Applicant_middlename
Last Name: $HRS_Applicant_lastname
Suffix: $HRS_Applicant_namesfx
Social Security Number: $HRS_Applicant_ssno
Home Phone: $HRS_Applicant_phone1
Cell Phone: $HRS_Applicant_phone2
Address: $HRS_Applicant_addr
City: $HRS_Applicant_city
State: $HRS_Applicant_state
Zip Code: $HRS_Applicant_zip1st
Referred By: $HRS_Applicant_ReferredBy
Date Added: $HRS_ApplicantDateAdded
Date Available: $HRS_Applicant_DateAvailable
Applicant Employed: $HRS_Applicant_Employed
Contact Current Employer: $HRS_Applicant_InqEmployer
Job Salary: $HRS_Applicant_JobSal
Applied Before: $HRS_Applicant_ApplyBefore
Apply Before Where: $HRS_Applicant_ApplyBeforeWhere
Apply Before When: $HRS_Applicant_ApplyBeforeWhen
Employment Desired 1: $chosenDesired[0]
Employment Desired 2: $chosenDesired[1]
Military: $HRS_Applicant_military
Military Rank: $HRS_Applicant_militaryRank
Military Discharge: $HRS_Applicant_militaryDshrgTyp
Military Notes: $HRS_Applicant_militaryNotes

School1 Type: $HRS_ApplicantSchoolType
School1 Name: $HRS_ApplicantSchoolNameLoc
School1 Yrs Attended: $HRS_ApplicantSchoolYrsAtt
School1 Graduate: $HRS_ApplicantSchoolGraduate
School1 Subjects: $HRS_ApplicantSchoolSubjects

Employment1 Start Date: $HRS_ApplicantEmplyHstryMYStart
Employment1 End Date: $HRS_ApplicantEmplyHstryMYEnd
Emplyment1 Name: $HRS_ApplicantEmplyHstryNameLoc
Employment1 Salary Range: $HRS_ApplicantEmplyHstrySalRnge
Employment1 Position: $HRS_ApplicantEmplyHstryPstn
Employment1 Reason Leaving: $HRS_ApplicantEmplyHstryRsnLv

Reference1 Name: $HRS_ApplicantReferenceName
Reference1 Address: $HRS_ApplicantReferenceAddr
Reference1 Business: $HRS_ApplicantReferenceBsnss
Reference1 Years Known: $HRS_ApplicantReferenceYrsKnwn

mail($to, 'Application Submission', $message);

Thanks so much! I appreciate any and all help.

#2 Orio

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Posted 19 September 2006 - 01:30 PM

Too many tutorials...

http://www.google.co...=attachment php

Think you're smarty?

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