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session expire time


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how can i set a session to expire after a set amount of time, say 1 hour.


i'm using the following code to create my session, but i dont know what i need to add to make it expire


$_SESSION['pageviewsid'.$id] = $new;




$new is the result from a calculation and $id is the page id from the URL using $_GET


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when the session is started, you can set a session variable with the current unix timecode... then check to see if it is more than 1hour past the sign in time...


//log in etc etc
//when login authenticated, add this line
$_SESSION['sessionStart'] = time();


then in your script where it checks the user is logged in each time a page is viewed, add a line like

if ((time() - $_SESSION['sessionStart']) > 60*60)
exit("Session expired");

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