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Ignoring a selected amount of rows

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Hi all

Is there a way to put something into a query which ignores the first defined number of results.

For example, if I have the following query

[code]SELECT * FROM mydata WHERE `name` = '".$name."' AND allowed = 'YES' ORDER BY `idnum` DESC LIMIT 20[/code]

Is there a way to ignore the first x number of results which are returned.

x is a number, so if your results brought back id numbers


and you said for it to ignore the first 4, then it would return


Can this be done?

Thanks in advance


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I think that was done with arrays() but a real good intresting quistion, Will be nice to see that done with the database.

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Yeah, you provide LIMIT with two arguments

[color=green][b]LIMIT 4, 20[/b][/color]

The first is the offset you want and the second is the amount of rows to return.

It returns rows based on the offset of your dataset, not the entire table.  So if you had the following data:

ID, Name
1    Rich
2    Paul
3    Sam
4    Ryan
5    Dave

[color=maroon]SELECT name FROM table ORDER BY id LIMIT 1, 1[/color] you'd get Paul, but if you had SELECT name FROM table WHERE name LIKE 'R%' ORDER BY name LIMIT 1, 1 then you'd get Ryan.

I hope that makes sense


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