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We are usinp PHP4.+  and are having a problew with cookies.  We
set the cookies  after successful  login  we set cookies as:

setcookie("RPLYTO",$EMAIL,time() +3600*24*30);

and  the next time  we  use the index page, we get the cookie as follows:

if (isset($_COOKIE['ORG'])){$REPFIRM=$_COOKIE['ORG'];}
else {$REPFIRM='';}
if(isset ($_COOKIE['SPV'])){$SPV=$_COOKIE['SPV'];}
else {$SPV='';}

Our cookies workes perfectly until we  seletedf all cookies in IE-6 and now it looks like
the cookies do not get set and the index form does not have the fields filled in on
entry. Is there enough infortmation here for you to help us, or shopuld IU send
all  three pages?


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