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Check for the image. if != continue with the resto of the script.

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Hi guys...

I have this script that checks for an image.  But if the image is there I want the script to continue with the rest keeping the image already uploaded.  Can anyboy help me with this....  Here's code:

if ((isset($_POST["MM_update"])) && ($_POST["MM_update"] == "form1")){

      $file_type = $_FILES['imgfile']['type'];
      $file_name = $_FILES['imgfile']['name'];
      $file_size = $_FILES['imgfile']['size'];
      $file_tmp = $_FILES['imgfile']['tmp_name'];

      exit(); //I don't want to exit but continue with the rest of the scrip just don't execute what's related to the image.
      $getExt = explode ('.', $file_name);
      $file_ext = $getExt[count($getExt)-1];
      bla,bla,bla..... etc.......

  I want the script continues here:
    $insertSQL = sprintf("UPDATE.......

Really appreciated your help..... Alaways the best.

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if you do not want to carry out any action if the "if" statement is true the put nothing there i.e

if ( the file is uploaded) {

} else {
do something

or a better way to do it is to reverse the if statement so you only carry out something if it is true i.e

if ( the file is not uploaded) {
do this


you do not need an else statement at all then and it will carry on with the rest of the code.

hope that helps

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