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PHP dev: Proprietary vs. open source

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I have a friend that is trying to move her website to a new hoster.
The hoster also developed the site for her with a PHP webstore, newletter,..etc.
The hoster/web developer will not allow her to DL the PHP driven e-store and related directories.
The Web hoster claims that the e-store code is proprietary and will not relax the
permissions to DL.
In the meta tags of the index.php file....the source code reads that it was generated with 2005 Seagull Framework v0.4.2 with copyright acknowledgments to Demian Turner and the respective authors.

Can the hoster/developer call these important e-store files...Proprietary?

She wants to find a more responsive hoster/php developer...but she can not move the site because of
this issue.

Thank you.


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It appears that Seagull is using the BSD license template.  This is a very loose license that basically says we don't care how you use it, as long as you have given us credit.  This seems to be the case with this "proprietary" system.  Now, are you calling it proprietary, or are they just refusing to give you the source code?

If it's the latter, then that doesn't necessarily mean it's proprietary.  They may give you the source if you pay them, but not if you get the free version. 

The best situation is to tell your friend to find a hosting company that has PHP and MySQL installed on their servers, and get a free system like OS Commerce and slap a template on it.

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