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Insert Into Middle of Array


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Here's what's happening:


I have a string much like this one:


$str = "84,390961CPK_100,'Pink Coloured Cord',15,'390961CPK_100',1";


I need to insert apostrophes around the first instance of 390961CPK_100 so it reads '390961CPK_100' and not simply 390961CPK_100.


To do this I have made the string into an array as follows:


$str_array = str_split($str);


Now I need to insert quotes into the array of characters, then convert the whole mess into back into a string.  I can't go by hard coded index numbers, because all of the text in this string is variable in length, so I have to go by the first and second positions of the commas.


I have no idea how to do this, and it needs to be done yesterday!  Mucho Gracias to anyone who can help me with this.

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Thank you so much guys!  I totally forgot about explode and implode (no, I don't work with arrays very often).


If anyone is interested, here is what I came up with:


$str = "84,390961CPK_100,'Pink Coloured Cord',15,'390961CPK_100',1";
$elements = explode(",", $str);
$elements[1] = "'" . $elements[1] . "'";
$str = implode(",", $elements);
echo $str;


The output would result in:


84,'390961CPK_100','Pink Coloured Cord',15,'390961CPK_100',1


Now I don't have to pull the rest of my hair out!  Thanks soooooooo much!

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