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"add more parts" - how to create it in mysql and PHP


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I am trying to find out how I could do the following.

I am building a form where data is being stored in MYSQL database (a PHP website) for every customer record, however the hard part in figuring this out for me is how could I add more parts if needed to the same record or at least a record that has the same customer_id.

For example, if a customer has a record created and they are purchasing more then one part from me I would like to have a field "add more parts" and this will allow me to select additional part but I want to make sure it is stored in a table as part of the same record (I dont care if it will create multiple records in the table or if it will be stored in second field).

Good example would be, if you log into any of your Webmails, and when you are creating a new email with an attachment, but you have more then one attachment, there is a link or a button that says "more attachments" and when you click on it, it creates new field for you.


Purpose of this is so I can then do a data scrap weekly and have it bounced against my inventory table and give me a count of left over part count.


Unless someone knows of some good PHP/MYSQL prebuilds for customer records creation and inventory control.


Thank you

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Don't know how exactly, but i think what you are referring to, is using array...

Store your $variable in an array,

INSERT INTO mysql table, and it will loop through the INSERT for as many variables there is in the array.


Hope this gives you an idea..

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Hello, keram617.



Do you use a shop-software? Or is your "shop" hand-written? When you do not have the permission to change code in the software, you know. License-Thing!



As you did describe that you want to "store stuff to a MySQL with PHP", perhaps you could perfectly start here: http://www.w3schools.com/php/php_mysql_intro.asp





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