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anyone tried yii


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I've been using Yii for a while.


Good sides:

- Contrary to most developers, Yii authors actually looked at MVC description and implemented something that tries to follow the goals of this architectural patterns. Most of all, they do understand that views should have a direct reference to model, not to obtain all the data through controllers.

- As a consequence, in this framework the view- and model-specific code does not have to be placed in controllers.

- Good l10n subsystem

- The framework is self-contained and provides everything you should need.


Bad sides:

- The hierarchical module system. Although it is well-implemented, the general idea has some limitations. For example you cannot divide the website into "frontend" and "backend" and have modules that contribute to both of these areas at the same time.

- Completely non-standard class naming style.

- The framework is good for typical web applications, but for those ones which have very specific needs, it can fail. I tried to develop a modular CMS in it and unfortunately I stuck at the default controller implementation that did not suit the general idea of the project at all, and furthermore - it was so hard-coded that it could not be replaced.

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