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i am a making a site in which m saving a songs information in database then fetching that out for inserting song link m using readdir function that read all song in a folder then save them in database

but i have problem

when that read file name

.mp3 also include with that which i don't want to show on page where i fetch that

mean simply i want that i can insert song name separately and file separately... and i want to use readdir also for getting file name becoz that easy way instead of upload through panel ..? any idea or solution about adding separately file name

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after writing this code

$dir = "A Flat";
$open = opendir($dir);

while(false !== ($read = readdir($open))){
    if($read != '.' && $read != '..'){
    echo $read."<br />";}

out is this


01 - Meetha Sa Ishq.mp3
02 - Dil Kashi.mp3
03 - Chal Halke Halke.mp3
04 - Pyar Itna Na Kar.mp3
05 - Meetha Sa (unplugged).mp3
06 - Dil Kashi.mp3
07 - Meetha Sa (partymap mix).mp3

full file name

i will insert these data in table song in link column

but i need also the name of songs for inserting in name colum which i show on page to show people name of songs

because if the same name i put in name field so .mp3 will be with every name that will not look good

so how i add also separete name of these songs which will be in directory

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