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mail() function

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Hi Guys 'n Gals!

I'm new to this whole PHP world (in fact I only started really looking at it yesterday), but I've already come to a hitch.

I've been following a article in Sams Teach Yourself PHP book on how to create a form that is filled in by a visitor and is e-mailed directly to me.

The problem I have is, I am hosted by Streamline.net and have PHP/MySQL active, but my 'sendmail_from' (which I think I have to edit) is locked and I have been told by Streamline.net that I cannot edit it due to security.

Is there a way around this, or should I try looking for a new host?

Please help!


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[quote author=realjumper link=topic=109292.msg440472#msg440472 date=1159130027]
I don't understand what you mean 'my sendmail_from' is locked'. Perhaps you could explain or post your code?

Sorry it appears that I didn't hit the nail on the head.

I think I need to change my sendmail_from section of my php.ini file in order to use any PHP mail applications, but wondered if there was a way around it, being I do not have access to the php.ini file.



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