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Session id problem in php Windows XP

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I am new to working with php and am trying to set up a local server install for development. I am having a problem with sessions, the session id is being reset every time a page is called. I have spent a lot of time trying to find a solution to this, but none of the suggestions I have found solve the problem.

The script I am using for test purposes, which simply echos back the session id works when uploaded to a unix based server on line, so I know that the script is working.

The installation I am using is WAMP5, although I have also tried installing from xampp and reactor server with the same results.

I have tried various settings for sessions.save_path and session.cookie_path. I have confirmed that a cookie is being written to the directory in session.cookie_path when a new page is called.

Other relevant settings are:

session.use_cookies = 1
session.use_only_cookies = tried both 0 and 1
session.use_trans_sid = 0

I have run out of ideas as to what might be causing this problem. Any suggestions of other things to try to get this working would be appreciated. I know I could work around this by passing the session id in links, but I would rather not have to do that since the server that the app will be uploaded to handles sessions fine and this would be a more streamlined way to do it, and I would rather not have to change code between my local and production apps.

Thanks for any help!

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