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unique member pages

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look, i dont even know what to call this.... im not sure exactly where im suppsed to start looking so any help would be useful.

what im after is a tutorial or script...anywhere to start looking for something that, once signed up, gives you your own member page. ie www.site.com/membername. sorta like how myspace gives you your own internet address so that other users can view your content via a web address.

If some people can even tell me what that sort of system is called so i can actually know where to start looking, that would be helpful. or if anyone knows any scripts or tuts on anything relevant to that.

if i was to do it myself im guessing it would have to execute FTP comannds to create a folder and then populate it with php scripts/templates that contained the memeber information etc. but im really not sure if thats the best/only way to go or where to start.

thanks in advance..

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You could give each user an id in the mysql database then have a page like so. member-page.php?user=44

then use a $_GET['user'] to lookup the user and pull the information about the users page out. If you wanted it so they could name there own page such as /stevens-great-page.html or something like that you will need to use Mod-rewrite that will rewrite the url from the html page name to the member-page.php page name. All of this can be done with one script on one page more or less.

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thanks for the input, but sorta not really what i was after.
i would prefer them to have their own sub-directories....

anyone else got ideas how i would do it?
even after i make the directory, how would i be able to make a page that was editable by the user and viewable by the general public?
sorta confusing to think about.... hmmmm

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