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Language switcher

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I am trying to create a language switcher, I have the languages in a database that have an ID 'ENG' 'GER' etc. I want the default to be english and from a dropdown choose the other laungues

Any on help?

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mmm need to give alot more information than that. If you have the database model done correctly that is the major part of this anyway. Which bit you stuck on

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This is my database:

CREATE TABLE `langheaders` (
  `ID` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
  `LangID` text NOT NULL,
  `Hed1` text NOT NULL,
  `Hed2` text NOT NULL,
  `Hed3` text NOT NULL,

-- Dumping data for table `langheaders`

INSERT INTO `langheaders` (`ID`, `LangID`, `Hed1`, `Hed2`, `Hed3`) VALUES (1, 'ENG', '1. Select A Vehicle ', '2. Select A Model Year', '3. Select The Document Language'),
(2, 'DUT', '1. Selecteer een Voertuig ', '2. Selecteer een Taal ', '3. Selecteer een Modeljaar'),
(3, 'FRN', '1. Choisissez Un Véhicule ', '2. Choisissez Une Langue', '3. Choisissez Une Année Modèle'),
(4, 'GER', '1. Wählen Sie Einen Träger Vor ', '2. Wählen Sie Eine Sprache Vor', '3. Wählen Sie Ein Vorbildliches Jahr Vor'),
(5, 'ITA', '1. Selezioni Un Veicolo ', '2. Selezioni Una Lingua', '3. Selezioni Un Anno Di modello'),
(6, 'POR', '1. Selecione Um Veículo ', '2. Selecione Uma Língua', '3. Selecione Um Ano Modelo \r\n'),
(7, 'SPN', '1. Seleccione Un Vehículo ', '2. Seleccione Una Lengua', '3. Seleccione Un Año Modelo');

I have the english in the site at the moment. I have a link to a page with a drop down menu with the list of languages

English ENG
French FRN
German GER etc

When you chose your languge it goes back to the previous page, I want the page to default to the chosen language

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