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How to hide variables

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Hi guys, im new to the php world.
I just created a site www.blabla.com, however, whenever a visitor goes to the next page, it shows something like this
i would like it that those variables not show, and blabla.com stay only.
Any help would be appreciated... if someone can lead me in the right direction :)

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Well, this isn't a simple "hide" ...

when you see " ?topic=concern&category=java " those are keys => variables to the $_GET array.  The simplest way that you can alter this is to send the keys => variables through the $_POST array.

Again, this isn't something you can do with out knowing how php array stacks work and how PHP works with HTML forms.

Honestly, you need to start reading the PHP manual on this one.  You could post some code and we can fix it but you really wont learn anything.

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Thanks for the quick help guys, ill look into that m8
I also heard from another guy that i can use a javascript in order to mask the address bar... just to let you guys know of a possibility maybe :)

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