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PHP website involving flash + an Access Database

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Hey guys,

i have this website that has a Flash file that needs to save user information into an Access Database, the guys at www.flashkit.com sent me here

my understanding is that flash CANNOT talk to Access and needs a "middleman" to handle database queries and whatnot

i've seen 2 words thrown around alot: PHP and XML, i have a basic knowledge of both

is this the way the program works?
- Flash sends the data to PHP
- PHP converts it to XML
- PHP uploads the XML to Access
- Access uses the XML to create records etc

or am I way off? I really need some help here!!!!  :-[

even links to tutorials regarding my question would be great

thanks!  :D

  - Joker -

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Try this link: http://www.kirupa.com/developer/actionscript/flashphpxml_integration.htm

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You would need to have access to a webserver hosting a MYSQL database. 

Alot of web hosting companies offer MYSQL as part of the hosting package. 

You havent stated in your post whether you website is running on a webserver that you own or if its with a hosting company.

If your website is hosted with some hosting company, it might be worth checking with them, if your hosting plan includes a MYSQL database.

If its your own web server, you can download and install MYSQL relatively easily from [url=http://www.mysql.com]http://www.mysql.com[/url]

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