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Dreamweaver query window and SELECT LEFT(

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Please help!

I have a query that works fine in the Dreamweaver query test SQL window but not when you run it. I am using MyqSQL ( latest ) and PHP with DWMX 2004.


I have a field 'day' that holds a text values like "29/08/2004" ( yes I am using a text field when it is in fact a date field - I'll ask this in a mo if that's ok).

I want to be able to print a little calender using Repeated Regions.


I've written a query that does something like this:



When I test this in the Dreamweaver query window, the query runs correctly and I get e.g.






- so the query with the LEFT bit tests fine in the Dreamweaver query window. When I run the query on the webpage through PHP I get no table produced or data but just some text on the web page n e.g.




It seems when ever I try to use LEFT or SUBSTR to chop a field for display, it doesn't work. I am really stuck. If the query worked in the test window, why shouldn't it in the main web page window? I've tried using normal tables, repeated regions, all kindsa stuff. Please help Obi One you are our last hope!




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