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Does anyone use Microsoft expressions 4? Am I wrong about it?

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I tried the free down load of Microsoft expressions 4. Of course the css is great but the php editor has something missing. It's colors are pretty but when you try to find a closing bracket or parenthesis to a condition it doesn't highlight them like other programs, also you can't collapse conditions either.


If someone is using this, am I doing something wrong? Does Expression 4 highlight brackets and parenthesis?


I'm thinking of buying Nu-sphere as a php editor but wanted to double check expressions because of its css editing and just to see if I was doing anything wrong.


I know I could post this on their forum and I was a member, but it's been about 6-7-8 months since I posted anything and they want me to re-register and get a windows live ID to post. Soooo here I am.


Thanks in advance


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