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Get and parse a URL coming back from a redirect

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OK... Confused by the description?  ;D I am not surprised. Of course that is why I am here. Hopefully someone will be able to help me out. Here is my situation:

1. I am trying to create a CGI proxy that accepts a URL (ex. http://www.foo.com?bork=1&bar=2), parses this URL, and then sends various information to a seperate HTTP form. Easy right? This is where it gets fun!!!

2. The form I want to send the URL TO will respond by sending BACK a different URL as a redirect. I need the CGI to get/grab/acquire that new URL from the redirect (http://www.server.com?id=123&name=666&pwd=foobar) so I can manipulate/process it and pass yet another new URL back to the user (http://www.howdy.com/videoclip.htm). Alas, the whole idea of the PROXY - to take an input from User A, process it, send out something, get something back, process it, and pass it back to User A. The idea here is to create one more layer of obscurity by creating a proxy between a user and the actual HTML form that handles taking a nonsecure URL, processing, and reissuing a secure URL's. My hope was to take the proxy and take the NASTY looking secure URL and reform it so I can send a cleaner version back to the user.

I am really lost on how to deal with the information coming BACK from the server itself. I don't have any problem processing what is sent to the CGI initially because the CGI is specifically called and sent information to process. The issue here is responding to what comes back since the CGI isn't really 'called' as much as just waiting to receive the URL back from the server processing the form.

Does this make sense? Can I explain this any better/differently that might shed more light on my issue?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out!!!!



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