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adding a new field

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I have purchased a script such as this example



I have added a new field and want to make it searchable....

does anyone know where i will find the instructions or help?


Thanks in advance.

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I am so tierd of seeing people get ripped off by cheap, buggy, crap code writers. One of my clients purchased a script similar to the one you did. He paid $199USD for the dating site scripts. $50 USD for a search by zipcode function and $99 USD for a chat module plugin. Not one thing worked correctally the scripts were poorly designed full of code errors and incomplete MySQL statments. The search by zip code function is completely useless(did\'nt work without rewriting the code). And finally the chat script which was not programed by the same rip-off artist that wrote the original buggy code did not work either. All together the gentalmen paid about $350USD to a kid in New York for a complete junky, defective codebase. I have a big heart and felt really bad for the guy so I only charged him 1/2 my rate and 1/2 the hours I worked. I figured he already learned his lesson. And for all who decide to buy code from greedy programers buyer beware! Make sure you research before you buy. Also remember to search for open source software before you buy it.




3 minutes on sourceforge.net and I found an all-in-one dating, chatting, polling, etc sytem.


http://www.webscribble.com is the place with all the bad buggy scripts.


There\'s plenty more of the above thread.

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