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PHP page does not completely render

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I am new to PHP. 

A friend asked me to look at his site.  They are having problems with pages not completely rendering.  If you view the html that was displayed in the browser not all of the html has been sent to the browser.  The place where the page stops is not consistent.    I assume that an error is being thrown in the code but I am not familiar enough with the environment to be sure.

There is no error message in the html it is just like it stopped sending the html.  I have verified that display_error iand log_errors is turned on and no error message is displayed. 

What/How can I diagnose this problem? 

Thanks in advance.

PHP Version      4.3.2
        OS              : Linux
        Hosted at      : northlandcom.com

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Ok I decided to add the command to flush the buffer and after I did that the whole page now renders.  I have not been able to recreate the problem after I added the code.  The problem did not occur all the time but today before adding the commands I was able to consistently recreate the problem.   

Any ideas why this has "fixed" the problem?



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Read through the code and find out what they are doing wrong, they probably have various places that call a die() or something that just halts the script.

Without seeing the code, no on can help you.

and to reply to your recent reply: Something else probably was fixed in the process of adding that code.

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