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Upload file problem

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Ok, I'm having no end of trouble trying to upload a file to my server (using CGI and PHP).  File limits are fine, as I tried files of only a few kb. Uploads are on. I'm guessing the file is going to the server, and then getting deleted. I tried a df before, during and after the transfer, and that's why I think this.

Code is as follows for do_upload

$err_upload = "";
$image_file = $_FILES[&#8217;upload_file’];
$temporary_name = $image_file[&#8217;tmp_name’];
if (is_uploaded_file($temporary_name)) {
    // get image information
    $image_metadata = getimagesize($temporary_name);
    if ($image_metadata) {
        $image_width = $image_metadata[0];
        $image_height = $image_metadata[1];
        $image_type = $image_metadata[2];
        $save_name = $temporary_name;
        switch ($image_type)
            case IMAGETYPE_GIF:
                $save_name .= ".gif";
            case IMAGETYPE_PNG:
                $save_name .= ".png";
                $err_upload = "Sorry… we only allow gif and png images.";
        if (! $err_upload) {
            if (move_uploaded_file($tmp_name, "uploads/file")) {
                // you might update a database with key information here so
                // that the image can be used later
            } else {
                $err_upload = "Sorry… something went horribly awry.";
} else {
    // some error occurred: handle it
    switch ($image_file[&#8217;error’])
        case 1: // file too big (based on php.ini)
        case 2: // file too big (based on MAX_FILE_SIZE)
            $err_upload = "Sorry… image too big.";
        case 3: // file only partially uploaded
        case 4: // no file was uploaded
        case 6: // missing a temporary folder
        case 7: // failed to write to disk (only in PHP 5.1+)
            $err_upload = "Sorry… failed to upload… problem with server.";
if ($err_upload) {
    print $err_upload;
} else {
    print "Success!!!";
?> [/code]

I have carried out the recommendations, and I have turned on error reporting. I get this:

[code]Notice: Use of undefined constant �upload_file� - assumed '�upload_file�' in /usr/local/apache2/html/do_upload.php on line 5

Notice: Undefined index: �upload_file� in /usr/local/apache2/html/do_upload.php on line 5

Notice: Use of undefined constant �tmp_name� - assumed '�tmp_name�' in /usr/local/apache2/html/do_upload.php on line 6

Notice: Use of undefined constant �error� - assumed '�error�' in /usr/local/apache2/html/do_upload.php on line 46

My phpinfo is at http://apollo.cookieonline.net/phpinfo.php

Page is at http://apollo.cookieonline.net/upload_file.html

It says success, but the file is not in uploads!!
Please help!

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