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Upgrading PHP 5.0.4 to latest 5.1.6 in FEDORA, linux, apache, PLESK

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I am on a virtual private server with my host and have SSH Shell access to my server.  My host is running PLESK, apache 2.0, FEDORA, and PHP 5.0.4 and I need to just upgrade to the latest PHP 5.1.6  and my host told me that I need to do this myself.

So, what is the easiest way of doing this?  Someone mentioned just overwriting so files and rebuilding php or something like that but I am not good with this terminology and dont know what does rebuilding php mean.  I also read about running a couple commands like ./confirgure, make, make install but dont I need to unzip the php files first?  I also heard something about using yam. 

Anyways, if anyone could give me a clear and simple solution to upgrade the php I would appreciate that.  If you can be clear and precise when listing an order of commands I need to execute in shell that would be really great. 

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